Healthy employees equal a healthy business

Be confident in the health of your workforce.

From home on their smartphones, your employees can do a survey and scan vital signs to make informed decisions about whether to go to work or stay home from work.

Take control. Stay informed. Keep your business healthy.

Your employees take the survey

Your employees do the scan

Your employees get real-time information & guidance

You get an aggregated dashboard on the health of your workforce

Go to work or stay home from work? Your employees get guidance to make informed decisions. A survey and powerful smartphone vital signs scan is the ultimate remote screening tool to give your business the edge it needs to stay healthy.

In development and testing! Carebook My Vitals | For Work leverages a proven survey plus powerful new technology. 

rPPG Technology

My Vitals | For Work measures vital signs with a smartphone camera based on a technique called photoplethysmography (PPG). PPG is an established technology used to measure vital signs by detecting blood volume changes in microvessels. Heart monitors and oximeters used in clinical and hospital care typically use contact-based PPG via a fingertip sensor. Remote PPG (rPPG) is a contactless method which uses a video of the skin (typically a region of the face) to extract the vital signs. 

Specific vital signs may be impacted when there is a flu-like infection such as COVID-19.

Oxygen saturation can decrease

Heart rate can increase

Carebook’s My Vitals | For Work app is not a medical device and the information presented is not intended for diagnosis, treatment, or prevention. It does not replace or override the advice of a health professional.

In development and testing in collaboration with medical professionals

Carebook | My Vitals For Work is being designed and tested in collaboration with the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, Canada, and is based on up-to-date COVID-19 guidelines that are localized in accordance with regional health authorities.

Committed to privacy and security

Privacy matters. Personal information will never be shared without the consent of the user.