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Carebook for life

Welcome to a healthcare ecosystem built around individuals to provide a connected network of health and wellness information, personalized services, and lifelong support.

With Carebook, you have the power to be proactive—not reactive—with your health. It’s a seamless way for families to manage health histories, information, and records. It offers real-time assessments, and empowerment with preventative health and wellness recommendations.


The future of health and wellness is proactive and preventative. We’re connecting your clinics, pharmacies, employer, insurance companies, and even your favorite digital devices to provide a holistic health and wellness system that revolves around you—for life.

Care for the future. The future of care.

How Carebook works

Enter your family’s health information

Get real-time assessments

Take control with preventative recommendations

Connect to your favorite health apps

Track progress and get reminders

Enjoy wellness support for life

Feel peace of mind with our privacy & security